History Repeats Itself

It is the year 2017 and humanity has evolved way surpass the technology it had thousands of years ago with advancements in all aspects of life. Life should be a paradise, all of human desires granted and happiness for all especially for how it “used” to be. However, for some reason society never learned to work together causing segregation, bias, racism, and division.

The united states have already been in 2 major ways due to racism, such as World War II(The Holocaust) & America’s Civil War with the main resolution which was for the freedom and rights of all African Americans, not that new Captain America movie haha. The reasons we learn is to grow and not make the same mistakes of our pasts, but yet this still occurs. History has just made another loop because with the global new Black Lives Matter campaigns, African Americans are still fighting for justice.

Recently, two locations I call home went to fear and mayhem after a local story of a man in Baltimore driving his way to New York to kill any African Americans he could because of his prejudice. The death of an innocent friendly black boxer brought tension even more strenuous to the conflicts of race, especially the Black Lives Matter Movement.

In a world solely based on innovation and the future, sadly it seems our nation is still stuck in the past. Generations and Generations for African Americans have tried to keep there heads up high nobly, while ignoring the ridiculous or abuse from other races. Many black individuals have made it to stardom and celebrity status, from technology to entertainment ventures. However, studies have shown the ability for black members of society to progress financially is much harder than for that of other races.

Wikimedia Commons

This picture above gives chilling thoughts as a mother with her growing son is raised in a world of hate is beyond words for me to write down. When you want your child to love the world and make a difference but the world around him hates him back. Its a slippery slope and a difficult one to recover from and keep your morals with you.

Every individuals voice deserves to be heard, and it is our right as people to open the world to change and freedom for everyone to grow. The actions of the Black Lives matter movements continues to grow stronger with more tension building in its core. The next action by this peace organization may be a drastic one.


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